Fix it Friday: Changing Door Pulls

door pull

Do you find yourself falling in love with certain pieces of furniture but there is something not quite right about it? Make a simple change to make it even more unique and reflect your personality. Try switching out the door pull for a simple yet stylish look, it’s as easy as one two three!

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Tip: Organizing Cookware

Image via MSN Living

Image via MSN Living

Do you find your pots and pans cupboard is always a mess? All the different sizes and the lids just won’t stay in place and fall out every time you open the door? Do you find you have draws full of knives and endless utensils that the drawer is a struggle to close? You are not alone!

Fortunately for us there are many people out there who have come up with some amazing and genius ideas to help us arrange our unruly cookware:

1. Magnetic Knife Strip: Use a magnetic knife strip for all those knives that simply won’t fit in the drawers.

2. Pegboard Wall: Try a pegboard wall to hold many different objects, here is a great one from Apartment Therapy.

3. Recycled wheel hanging pot rack: It doesn’t even have to be a wheel! Check out this great DIY pot rack on Wiki How.

4. 3M Hooks: These are great for all kitchen items but especially for those pot lids, take a look at this great tutorial.

5. Lid rack: Put pots on one shelf and lids on another–and contain the mess.

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Introducing Our New Must-see Products from India

It’s once again that time of year when we introduce you to our brand new products from our latest buying trip! This new collection comes to you from India and brings a mix of fabulous finds that won’t disappoint. Try our new metal and wood combination desk for a low $338, or a funky and colorful suitcase chest of drawers for only $391 – we really have something to fit any home and create any look you desire. Take a peek below, or better yet stop by your local store this summer to take a look in person – be sure to check with your nearest Nadeau for availability and current stock!

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Easter Treats: Pastel Macaroons


Image via

Easter is a time to celebrate and get together with friends and family! If you have been invited to a party/gathering we have the perfect hosting gift to take with you. Instead of making those simple cupcakes and cookies try your hands at these yummy Martha Stewart French Macaroons! Not only are they delicious, the pastels are great for Easter colors and will got down a treat! Take a look at the recipe on her website here.

Happy baking!

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Inspiration: Hirst Designs Cabin

Hirst Design Photo 2 from Dallas

One of our favorite designers, long time Nadeau Dallas shopper and a dear friend, Karen Hirst from Hirst Designs, created a fabulous new look in her recent cabin project.

Our glass buffet was turned into a stunning stove top and sink vanity for a small, rustic cabin. The tall glass armoire was added to the space for storage in the kitchen.

And in the dining room she used our dining table and chairs to finish off the look.

We just love the customizations, are you feeling inspired? Why not try it for yourself?

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Chest of Drawers

Every home needs storage and every bedroom needs a chest of drawers. Whether you need a place for your clothes or general bits and bobs Nadeau has many options to suit your organizational needs while also keeping your home stylish and hip! All our pieces are handmade by local craftsmen in India and Indonesia and come in a mix of styles, sizes, colors and stains from dark espresso to bright orange and beyond. Any space big or small we got you covered, stop on by you nearest store today for more fabulous finds.

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Get the Look: Mix and Match Textiles

Image via House Beautiful

Image via House Beautiful

Recreate this beautiful mix and match textiles look by shopping our wonderful assortment of furniture.  Our wood and iron combination coffee table will add simplicity to the room and create a relaxing yet stylish space.  Add extra seating space with a pouf or two and don’t forget to top off the look with playful accessories.  These gorgeous crisp white vases will add a touch of elegance and complete the room.  To get this look for less stop into your local Nadeau today or browse our picks below!

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DIY: How to Decorate Eggs for Easter


Image via Apartment Therapy

Easter is soon approaching and we are feeling inspired by our daily reads of blogs and magazines – it’s time to get creative with DIY Easter decorations. Apartment Therapy has a beautiful and simple post on how to decorate eggs with natural DIY dyes – all you need are some eggs, a little creativity and to follow these steps on their website:

1. Stickers: This one is great for the kids – cover your eggs with stickers before dipping them in the dye to create interesting shapes.

2. Waxed Crayons: Also a great one for the kids – before you place the eggs in your homemade dyes draw designs on the eggs with light colored crayons. The wax will not absorb the dyes and create a beautiful design.

3. Rubber Bands: Wrap rubber bands around a hard boiled egg and let it soak for an hour in a warm mixture of turmeric, salt and vinegar.

4. Herbs, Flowers, Leaves: Use a variety of greens from the garden to create interesting relief pattens.

5. Onion Peels: Wrap raw eggs in onion skins and cheese cloth, then boil them for 20 minutes. The oils from the skins will transfer onto the eggs to create a mottled look.

We can’t wait to give these a try – happy decorating!

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Add a Touch of Spring to the Home


Spring is officially here and it is time to start enjoying your garden and the beautiful blossoming flowers. But you don’t have to just enjoy the scenery outside, now is the time to bring the outside in and add some color to spruce up your home. Nadeau stocks many vases and pots to help display your bunches of flowers – take a peek below at just a few of our options and be sure to stop by your local store for more amazing finds.

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Spring has Sprung!

Image via

Are you as excited as we are for the longer days, warmer weather and beautiful colorful flowers? Spring has arrived and we couldn’t be happier! Get a fresh, clean, crisp look inside and outside your home this spring – stop by your local Nadeau to update your furniture and find the pieces you have been looking for.

In the mean time here are a few tips to get you started with your spring cleaning and organizing:

-Rugs: We all make a habit of vacuuming around the rug and never moving it, try turning it over and vacuum the opposite side to get the dust build up

-Blinds: Blinds are one of the main items in a home that gets extremely dirty as dust is blown in from outside, wash the blinds with a damp cloth, or if wooden with a few drops of wood cleaner to refresh them

-Closets: Did you know that clothing regularly sheds dust particles? Be sure to vacuum the floor of the closet and while you are at it why not take the time to throw out all those unworn clothes and get organized?

-Light bulbs: This is something we all forget to dust, unscrew light bulbs and wipe them with a microfiber cloth

-Cabinets: Kitchen cabinets are notorious for collecting crumbs and bits of food, empty each one out to dust and vacuum thoroughly

-Refrigerator: We all eat items from our refrigerators daily, but when was the last time you cleaned it out? Now is the time to take items out and wipe down every surface for a fresh and germ free fridge

Happy spring cleaning!

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