Nadeau – Furniture with a Soul in Charleston is excited to host artist Karen Velasquez’ new work, a mixture of new school digital technology and old school classic oil painting, alongside its unique items for a limited time only. The official opening of the show is May 15, 2015.



The Artist: Karen Velasquez

Says Karen Velasquez: “I am inspired by the colors of a sunrise, the beauty of God’s creation, and the hope of a new day. That’s my tagline on everything!”

Karen’s story is an inspirational one; nineteen years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and was told she had a few short months to live. In the midst of battling her illness, Karen’s love for life was awakened and she was prompted to go to art school where she studied photography and media design.

Karen’s work is the perfect blend of tradition and technology.  She begins with a photograph that she edits for color and palette selection before using  an artist’s program to digitally paint over it.  This process is done with a digital paintbrush and a large digital canvas pad that is separate from the computer screen.  The process includes mixing the colors in a similar way as with traditional painting, just in digital format.

Karen’s new look on life and faith ignited a love affair with the sky, an inspiration visible in most of her work.


karen-velasquez-work-2 karen-velasquez-work

Nadeau – Furniture with a soul

Nadeau curates one-of-a-kind beautiful furniture from around the globe. For over twenty years we’ve kept our promise to bring unique items at affordable prices, no shipping  and no assembly required. Over at our Charleston location our managing team consists of Carly and Eddie, who have been with us for about 5 years! The two are like a well oiled machine with Eddie being the technology savant to Carly’s designing knowledge. Their friendship and work relationship makes Nadeau a fun work environment for anyone there, make sure to stop by and put them to the test!



Come help us welcome Karen to our community on May 15th between 4pm-6pm and witness the unveiling of her new, never-before-seen pieces all while enjoying light refreshments and Nadeau’s own furniture gems! Our soulful eclectic assortment of furniture pieces goes hand in hand with Karen’s beautiful and edifying work. We are located at 640 Coleman Blvd Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 and you can RSVP for the event here.

Karen will also be present to share her beautiful art as well as her inspirational story, see you soon!

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Design, Drinks, Décor!

Nadeau Chicago is now bigger and better than ever. We expanded and revamped our place and we want you to come celebrate with us! In the spirit of community togetherness we’ve decided to team up with our soon-to-be neighbors at Band of Bohemia, three of Chicago’s top designers, and our helpful mover friends at Schlep. We are bringing together brew and décor under one roof, for one night only, on Friday, May 8th, from 6:30pm-9pm at 4433 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago. Join us!


Nadeau – Furniture with a Soul

With the simple idea that great furniture should be attainable by everyone, Nadeau came to be over 20 years ago. We pride ourselves on having an eclectic assortment of coastal, industrial, French farmhouse and contemporary items to name a few. We are more than just your average furniture store: Nadeau is all about soulful pieces and special experiences; it’s impossible to walk into a Nadeau store and not feel the energy of exquisite furniture. With 25 stores all over the United States, the expansion of our Chicago location made room for more one-of-a-kind items showcasing our commitment to beautiful furniture pieces at our larger than life store.


Ravenswood’s Latest Addition – Band of Bohemia

Our new favorite brewery lands in Chicago courtesy of Michael Carroll and Craig Sindelar, the innovative and acclaimed men behind it. Band of Bohemia will be nestled in the center of the upscale Ravenswood Corridor. More than just a bar, it will be a culinary brewhouse offering an outstanding level of cuisine.

band-of-bohemia-1On May 8th, you will be able to sample Band of Bohemia’s progressive, in-house brewed ales and future menu items while browsing our unique furniture. Nadeau and Band of Bohemia will be a match made in heaven – for one night only – in Chicago. Be there!


Our Dream Team of Guest Designers

To kick off our newly enhanced space we’ve enlisted the help of the city’s best designers who will be available throughout the event to answer your design questions, give you some makeover tips, and tell you about their favorite pieces at the store! The design team includes Kevin Grace, Desirée Denoyer and Layne Jones.

Kevin Grace

A native of Chicago, Kevin’s unique design sense seamlessly blends his love of color, fashion and pop culture. Kevin has always had a passion for transforming spaces; his early work, bridging both fashion and design, was seen by millions peering into Marshall Field’s iconic State Street windows. Life suddenly changed for Kevin when he was cast on HGTV’s Design Star Season 6,  giving him a national and international stage to share his distinct vision with the rest of the world. The show’s biggest blessing is arguably Kevin launching his own brand, Kevin Grace Design, in 2011. Kevin likes to credit his success and support to a simple mantra:

Always be aware of your client’s needs, but never be afraid to push comfort zones and open doors to fresh ideas. Ultimately, stay true to your design soul. – Kevin Grace


Desirée Denoyer

Desirée’s design studio, DM Design Solutions, is an award winning, nationally recognized interior design firm located in Chicago. The firm has been awarded the prestigious Best in Houzz – Design and Customer Service award in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Blending an extensive background in corporate sales and business development with a passion for interior design, Desirée M. Denoyer merges impeccable design vision and attention to details with superior project management skills. This unique combination results in cutting edge design and passionate work.



Layne Jones

Chicago’s Layne Jones is a home stylist, furniture designer and blogger. Her mission is to beautify spaces, establishing relationships with her clients while exceeding their expectations! Jones’ work stems from the heart and soul as she enjoys finding the beauty in unusual settings. Layne pours her heart into anything she does!

layne-jones-2 Layne-Jones-1

Our Moving Buddies

Nadeau’s items require no assembling, however, you still need to take your furniture home. If you’ve never heard of Schlep, come meet the founders in person on May 8th. Schlep is a friendly and secure marketplace for people to link up and get things moved. If it’s too small for a move but too big for your car, Schlep is what you are looking for! They connect people who need stuff moved with a neighbor with a truck.

Come join us on Friday, May 8th, from 6:30pm to 9pm at 4433 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, for an opportunity to view our new, unique items and get your design skills put to the test! You can sign up for a complimentary ticket to the event here, see you soon!

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We are beyond excited to announce the opening of our new Pop-Up shop in Tysons Corner Center, making it a cool addition to our 25 stores around the U.S., including our stores in Georgetown and Alexandria. What better way to celebrate this special occasion than by featuring a variety of items ranging from dining tables to chairs, bookshelves, and more? You name it, we’ve got it!

Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul opens Pop-Up shop at Tysons Corner Center

Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul brings one-of-a-kind items to Tysons Corner Center for a limited time only

We pride ourselves on having exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces at incredibly affordable prices so come make your heart and your wallet happy by visiting us at Tysons Corner Center for a treasure hunt! We are open Monday through Saturday between 10am and 9:30pm and our Sunday hours are 11am to 7pm. Did we mention the best part? There is no need to assemble or wait for shipping; our unique and handcrafted furniture comes ready to be picked up, so you can walk out with your favorite pieces in hand.

Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul features unique items curated from all around the world at pop-Up shop at Tysons Corner Center

Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul's pop-Up shop at Tysons Corner Center brings exquisite unique items.

As some of you might well know, Tysons Corner Center is huge! To find Nadeau – Furniture with a Soul, park in Parking Garage A, close to the Purple Loading Dock. Our store is on the lower level between PR Fresh Look & Bebe at 8020L Tysons Corner Center, Tysons Corner, VA 22102.

We are all looking forward to seeing you at our first ever pop up store! And don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to know when new furniture arrives at our Tysons Corner location.

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The coming year is going to be big for Nadeau as we evolve to better serve our customers! As we close the door on 2014, we have decided to discontinue our blog but we will continue to bring you insightful information on our other social media channels including Pinterest.


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Its November! DIY Thanksgiving

Even if you only use your dining room table for special occasions, get ready, because Thanksgiving is just around the corner! There is nothing quite like having friends and family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner, so this year make it extra special with a DIY centerpiece.

We looked through Better Home and Gardens’ list of beautiful table displays and picked our favorites:

Image via Better Home and Gardens

Image via Better Home and Gardens

Try using an unusual storage piece as the focal point of your table. It adds a rustic-chic touch and leaves plenty of room to stage grasses or gourds. Plus, with this look you can’t help but brag about your do-it-yourself skills!

Image via Better Home and Gardens

Image via Better Home and Gardens

If you prefer a more colorful look, try pairing flowers with the earthy hues of fruits and vegetables. Not only does it look stunning for your guests, but it really provides a sense of abundance that we associate with the November holiday. Decorated candle holders always provide that extra detail that takes your setting to the next level.

Then there is our all-time favorite holiday centerpiece, FOOD.

Image via Better Home and Gardens

Image via Better Home and Gardens

Of course what good is a centerpiece if you don’t have a table to put it on? At Nadeau, we have a wide variety of dining tables, even if it means you have to accommodate an odd aunt or two.

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From Halloween to Thanksgiving: A Transformation

If you aren’t sure how to decorate for Thanksgiving, or if you feel guilty throwing away fifty pounds of pumpkins – don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

If you didn’t carve your pumpkins then you are in luck because their uses are just about endless. A quick coat of metallic paint is all you need to change up the holiday. Stage your Thanksgiving table with your Halloween leftovers, no one will ever know!

Image via Better Home and Gardens

Image via Better Home and Gardens

Even if you don’t want to keep pumpkins on display you can easily turn them into our favorite Thanksgiving treat, pumpkin pie!

Check out this recipe from The Food Network which utilizes real pumpkin, just remember that prepping it takes a little longer than using canned.

Image via The Food Network

Image via The Food Network

As long as you’re at it you can start changing out some autumn pieces for a more wintry look. Utilize white and pale blue washes to accentuate that snowy feel:

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Get The Look – A Designer’s Sophisticated New Orleans Style

Capture Interior Designer, Christina Graci’s sophisticated and timeless look. Located in the lively and artistic Warehouse District of New Orleans, LA, Graci strives to bring her own love for collecting to her space and her clients’ with enduring designs, pieces, and colors.

Her 1,000 square feet home is created into a classic haven with 14 foot ceilings and brick walls from an older building which the Warehouse District is known for. See inside her space:

Just like Graci, we strive to provide pieces and looks everyone will love. Loving Graci’s style? Steal a similar look with pieces from Nadeau:

Like the left? Try the right! (AB802) $47 (KA312) $187

Like the left? Try the right!
(AB802) $47, (KA312) $187

Like the left? Try the right! (NT066) $86 (AB802) $47 (AB829) $62 (WS050) $47 (IS031) $36

Like the left? Try the right!
(NT066) $86, (AB802) $47, (AB829) $62, (WS050) $47, (IS031) $36

Like the Left? Try The right! (PC5028) $497 (AB658) $42

Like the left? Try The right!
(PC5028) $497, (AB658) $42


Like the left? Try the right! (AB620) $35, (A310) $726, (AB691) $54, (KA502) $912

Christina Graci is a licensed Interior Designer From New Orleans, LA. Together, with her brother, Chad Graci, their sister-brother team works to bring their clients classic and timeless interiors for them to continue to love as years pass and trends change. Look for them in Houston, TX as well! Learn more about their designs by visiting Graci Interiors.

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Fix it Friday – Same Bookshelf, New Life

If you simply can’t resist getting a new bookcase from Nadeau, it’s okay, we understand. But just because you are redecorating doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your old furniture. Revamp and add! Instead of tossing an older piece consider utilizing it in a new way. We have picked some of our favorite repurposed bookshelves to give you some DIY inspiration.

If you have young children, chances are you aren’t reading as much as you used to, but that doesn’t mean you should toss a bookcase. See how to transform it into a one-of-a-kind dollhouse here.

Image via Land of Nod

Image via Land of Nod

As your kids age, simply turn it back upright and voila, they have their first desk to do homework at.

Image via At the Picket Fence

Image via At the Picket Fence

If your bookshelf is getting a little worn in at this point, try re-staining it, or better yet, take it outside and use it as a vegetable garden.

Image via Backyard Diva

Image via Backyard Diva

Try out these projects, or come up with your own using these unique bookcases (or whatever they become) from Nadeau!

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Guest Blog Post – Fireplace Remodel


With the weather getting cooler, it’s time to start lighting those fireplaces! The focal point of any living room, fireplaces need to be carefully considered. Selecting the right style and decor is key.


With our home remodel, one of the first things to go was the fireplace. As you can see, it was very large, outdated, and took up unnecessary space in the living room. Since space was a challenge, we wanted to create the illusion of a bigger area. Constructing a built-in aspect from floor to ceiling to help the room look larger was our solution.


We started the demo by using a sledge hammer and other tools to remove the rock. Following the clean-up, we started on the built-in entertainment center surrounding the fireplace. Starting with the cabinet boxes on each side of the fireplace, we then built the face frames.


Once the cabinets were in place, the top was finished with three different trim pieces. The crown molding was the last piece of the puzzle to give a more built-in look. We ran PVC-pipe into the left side of the cabinets to hide the TV’s cords.

Finally, We designed the mantel above the fireplace by stacking two pieces of crown molding on top of one another to create a sense of depth and grandeur. We filled the joint gaps and spray-painted it all white using Cedar Key paint. Once it was all painted we started on the stone for the fireplace.



To break up the all- white built-in and add some character, we decided on a classic, natural slate with multiple stone depths and colors.

This post was written by Morgan Molitor and Jamie Molitor of Construction2Style. Together, they blog about home renovations, remodels, and home decor. 


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“Revenge”: Take Home the Hamptons

Excited that “Revenge” is back on your Sunday night schedule? We are too!

If Emily Thorne’s Hamptons beach house is your dream home, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can bring home that Hamptons look just in time for the holidays!


Image via HookedOnHouses


Neighbors acting a little suspicious? Put them out of style by redoing a room in your home. Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the Hamptons!


Show Image via HookedOnHouses


Show Image via HookedOnHouses

For even more obsessive coverage, and the real life house visit the “hooked on houses” blog here.

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